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War Thunder Tipps

War Thunder: Flugzeug-MMO in der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Beinhaltet Flugzeuge aus Deutschland, der UdSSR, England, Japan und den USA. Kämpfe​. TIPPS und TRICKS Hier schon mal ein paar Tipps und Tricks in einer Linksammlung zusammengefasst:​/1/. Ich habe damit zwar schon Flieger abgeschossen, aber das war eher Glück als Können. Wie kann ich so was üben? Danke.:).

War Thunder: Panzer - die besten Tipps

War Thunder Kurztipps und Einstiegshilfen: Einsteiger-Tipps: Jagdflugzeuge, Zerstören von Schiffen mit Bomben, War Thunder effizient spielen, Als Jäger. TIPPS und TRICKS Hier schon mal ein paar Tipps und Tricks in einer Linksammlung zusammengefasst:​/1/. Ich habe damit zwar schon Flieger abgeschossen, aber das war eher Glück als Können. Wie kann ich so was üben? Danke.:).

War Thunder Tipps Video

TOP 5 TIPPS \u0026 TRICKS für ANFÄNGER! - Warthunder mit @reib00n

War Thunder Tipps Match 3 Online Kostenlos muss ein direkter Treffer mehr Panzerung durchdringen und es besteht eine gute Chance, dass das Projektil an einer Snabbare beiden Kanten abprallt. Posted May 21, edited. Warthunder Leitfaden.
War Thunder Tipps

Stay high. Will try. Gramstaal View Profile View Posts. While that is true, a lot of times they'll outclimb you and strike out of nowhere.

You'll have to rely on luck a lot. Yea that's why I always climb away from the battle first and then towards it, used to it that the americans usually can not outclimb anything.

Coelian View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Marcelofdeath :. Karuga View Profile View Posts. But yes, get to about 4k meters and higher and the vast majority of Russian planes lose a lot of their performance.

I find that even in the upper BR's like with the La-7, a team of US planes that actually climbs to their altitudes becomes very hard to take out.

Russians no longer have WEP at that alt and suicide climbing to reach a higher plane will become suicide. Of course in many games, US planes don't climb to where they outperform the Russian planes and really, team work can work wonders.

Often when I actually reach an altitude of like let's say k my entire team tends to be dead. Originally posted by SKuDD3r :. Per page: 15 30 So my complaints mainly regards the ways Gaijin often choose to pursue their licit goals.

And that mechanism is purposely exploited by Gaijin to steer players toward choices being advantageous for the company. All these things usually become clear after several months of playing WT, anyone going on in denying that truth after one or two years of gaming has no observation skills maybe because he started paying almost at the beginning of his career in WT, so has a fully falsified view of the game!

Of course, Gaijin has any right to set up their game to make them gaining as much as money they can, all comes down to understanding if they are really doing the most convenient thing for themselves since a lot of potential paying players dislike a game not respecting skill.

This is good, because those Tiers are ample and as much fun as later ones, if not better. Even a not-paying player has a lot of opportunities to enjoy WT Air Forces, if he increases crews skills and fully spade planes , even if he has to know that he will always be disadvantaged respect to paying players.

Understanding that is essential to realize what this game is and what any player can expect from it. GF is a fully unfair and money-dependent game, whereas AF is, luckily, really unfair and money-dependent just at higher tiers.

On the contrary, P2W nature of GF is outrageous and starts since the lowest tier. People so insincere or, well … so stupid to say that if they are usually able to kill with one shot is largely given just by their personal ability.

But many choose not to be good observers, just not to admit that or … not to lose their illusions. Some players think that Gaijin has no plans to control of the game and to advantage certain kind of players or certain behaviours, and there is just a number of faults, mistakes or unwanted side effects.

How could one think that Gaijin made an unwanted choice when they decided to give score points to vehicles being hit! This is a thing sure like death and taxes and especially true about Ground Forces, although unfortunately not all their stupidity has been dedicated to tanks only.

In a sense, is just another form of stupidity : instead of enlarging a base of enthusiast gamers and founding on that their business, with an hard-core part of happy paying people, they are managing to periodically sicken large part of gamers at first bomber pilots, then fighter pilots etc.

On the contrary, if he do understand that, the reasons behind many things in game mechanics, performance, score etc.

For example, he will be aware not only of so many idiotic issues but also of the likely reason why these issues exist and why Gaijin seems refusing to fix them.

Some of the methods used by Gaijin are just supposed even if likely, looking at stats , such as periodically drawing players in weaker teams to lower the win ratio of beginners.

By controlling it, allowing its increment just very a little at a time unlike all other parameters! Unfortunately, it seems that there are many WT players belonging to any of those three categories, more or less.

This game peculiarity is a quite understandable and licit thing, since Gaijin is a business company , its revenues depend on paying players and players are induced to pay to quickly improve their vehicles and crews.

This is understandable too, because Gaijin also needs non-paying players , which make a much larger community of gamers, fill the ranks allowing shorter waiting times before the battles and support the game.

On the other hand, any player being a good observer has soon an unpleasant feeling, given by realizing that he will never be on equal terms with paying gamers willing to spend real money for crews and vehicles.

He could be better than many of them, even most of them, and enjoy the game but will ever be at a big or huge disadvantage against them and likely being unable to defeat the most successful ones independently of their relative skills.

So, how could you think you are able, as a non-payer, to be evenly matched with them, which are ready to spend real money to immediately spading vehicles and maximizing crews strength?

Non-paying players, on the contrary, will need many months or years in gaming to reach maybe the same levels, in the meantime they will be like welterweight against heavyweight.

But not only that: as the player progresses toward higher rank vehicles, the cost of those both for purchase and for repair nose up.

So, if he want to be competitive after a certain rank level and to renew his hangar he must start paying. The sooner you realize that, the sooner all will become clear to you.

When entering Tier IV, things change quite drastically. Honestly, having the first three Tiers being both enjoyable and affordable even for non-paying gamers is a very good thing and we have to be grateful to Gaijin for that.

Of course, they are not philanthropists! They know that non-paying players are essential for having a critical mass of players, to the enjoyment of paying gamers too!

The real issue is that there are even some true idiocies , sometimes beyond imagination, in game mechanics, FM and DM.

In Tank Battles i. In fact, there are more differences than one could think between Air and Ground battles and knowing them is important for a plane pilot wanting to try tanks too.

No rants about that regarding Air Battles, even if features as crew Vitality are fully artificial and made just to encourage gamers to play.

For sure even in AF crew experience and development of planes are very important but if you play well you have chances to kill even more experienced gamers with better crews and planes or, at least, not to be instantly killed by them.

Things are very different for Tank Battles and just in part for the different game mechanics. In very short, in Tank Battles crew experience especially Vitality and BR difference are even more important and decisive than in Air Battles.

Moreover, GF have an huge number of serious and sometimes even ridiculous shortcomings, much more than AF. You can see that my complaints about WT Ground Forces are almost as much copious as the incredibly number of shortcomings and absurdities WT GF contains ….

There are many complaints about game mechanics and battle rules, too. For example, Air Domination mode was introduced sometimes ago with such serious and so many faults that a lot of players started to quit immediately, any time, after the beginning of that kind of battle.

After less than one year, instead of correcting faults Gaijin simply choose to vastly reduce the frequency of the draw! They got a lot of suggestions on the Forum but followed none, keeping AD battles just as they were, doing nothing but reducing their frequency.

For sure, whereas some of the developers seems good e. Of course, periodically there are bugs , some minor others major especially bugs affecting client stability , but this is quite common in any software under continuous development.

It could be, but I think the real issues you can find in WT are several bad choices in game rules and mechanics, not software bugs. Yes, to any other plane in game, for any nation!

You could set mt appropriate for a Russian 7. At any time you have to remember to change convergence, if you want to take advantage of different guns characteristics!

So absurd that the hypothesis is purposely done is not unfounded. Gaijin allows gamers to go beyond the eight preset but to do so they want you buy or grind Tier V vehicles.

And, after all, if they would favour crew experience increase, in any way, then players would have less reasons for buying XP points.

Maybe in some cases the issue is lack of resources for development work but in many cases it seems they choose to develop useless or bad things and to ignore real needs.

My verdict. So, is it worthwhile to play War Thunder? My answer is still YES , especially for WWII planes enthusiasts tank fans have likely less reasons to be happy , notwithstanding the many and deserved criticisms.

Many players giving advices on that Forum seem unable to give really useful advices instead of preconceived ideas. So I decided to write this little guide.

How to use this Guide. Things become to change from Tier IV and above more performing planes, even jets; more expensive planes; somewhat different tactics … so these advices has to be in part adapted for upper tiers.

Also consider that players gaming at higher level are usually quite expert, their crews are really expert too and their planes are often fully spaded, so fighting them requires a lot of skill, better with more refined tactics and aerial combat manoeuvers, and equally good crews and planes.

But if the player wants to have great success at Tier IV and V, being able to compete with the best gamers, not only needs to improve his skill but also to make some investment likely with real money too into his crews and planes , because a lot of his opponents playing there already did that.

Many of them are paying players, with the most developed planes and crews, and many of them belong to a squadron. Playing in a squadron has many advantages in battle performances and score, when their members fight together.

A beginner has a long way to go to compete with them, maybe more for the gap in experience and investment in equipment than for the difference in natural ability.

Bomber-only players could find many of them not so much useful. Battle Rating and Matchmaking , the kind of battles e. Domination and tactics and techniques e.

The beginners can find a lot of specific good and up-to-date information on those issues in WT web site and Forum. I just tried to highlight the first and most important things to know for a newbie, IMHO.

Anytime an update enter into force it changes something in game but patch 1. I could bet that some of the advices here expressed are not agreed by other players e.

This is not surprising, especially in a game having thousands of players, each one with his opinion, and, after all, I wrote them also because I found on the Forum many advices I consider wrong or at least inappropriate for a newbie!

I suggest anyone to do a reality check and judge using his own brain. Tips and advices. The first thing I have to say is: at the moment, I consider myself to be just an average player.

I entered the game about three years ago and I started to do well enough, i. At that time I started to reach first position in team and sometimes in battle now and then, but anyway much more frequently than I could have expected just some months before.

Nothing to write home about but enough to be satisfied, at least for myself. You should look for tips from Level players, not mine.

Too much often veterans give to beginners tips that seems academic lessons give to schoolchildren. No awareness of the learning curve maybe they forgot their own beginnings!

Some advices seems to be related much more with Realistic Battles than Arcade Battles too. My advice is to hear any opinion, try by yourself and just after then choose your way.

Be aware that WT is still a continuously evolving game according to many is still just a little bit more than a "beta"! And, unluckily, it seems that too often Gaijin follows the rule "if it's broken, don't fix it; if it's not broken, change it"!

For example, Gaijin did a really bad move with 1. That also means that advices on planes how to fly them, how to use them etc. This includes my advices, of course, so please check above in this page which is the most recent patch version applicable to my suggestions.

Not at all. More below here. A fully spaded plane is much more performing than a stock one. Your performance will ever be heavily hampered by using stock vehicles.

If you want, you could buy the modifications. Experienced crews are much more effective. BTW, Tiers II and III are considered the most amusing ones by a lot of players, myself included, and being quite cheap in purchases and repairs are fully enjoyable even for unskilled players which die a lot.

I stopped worrying even about victory! When you realize that your performances in game are largely likely for the most part ruled by unfairness of the game itself and not by your skill this is even more true for Ground Forces , all suddenly becomes clear.

But, at that time, you have three choices: start paying , stop gaming or defining your own goals e. For now, the third one is my choice. Better to move on.

Whereas in real life high climb rate is usually preferable to high turn speed, in WT AB the choice is at least much more uncertain but, all in all, turn time is likely more important because fast climbing is, just like horizontal speed, not so much advantaged in Arcade Battle.

And the cores of Arcade Battles, especially until Tier III, are low-altitude fights with a lot of turns in particular horizontal turns , not climbing fights.

In these battles, turn time is as much as important than horizontal speed and both are more important than climb speed.

Arcade Battles try and succeed in inverting the percentage: much more excitement than boredom. Things are even worse for RB and SB player because they have to add the initial time in queue waiting the battle start, that can be even ten or fifteen minutes, whereas in AB the wait time is rarely much above one minute since there are much more players in AB.

But whereas GE have to be get by spending real money or winning them in rare GE Wagers, as explained in this guide , SL can be gained just by gaming they could be also bought by converting GE though.

Roughly speaking, the better you score in battle, the more SL you gain and in WT AF battles this is well enough linked with skill, not so in Ground Forces.

You can use SL to get new vehicles, re-training a crew on a new vehicle etc. Just like SL these points can be gained by gaming. Gaining all of these points is essential because they allow you to get better planes and to improve your crews.

To achieve that objectives you have two ways: the first is buying planes and crew experience using real money thru Golden Eagles , GL , you can pay for them or rarely win them in GL wagers , otherwise you can earn "free" points obtaining good scores in battle and, at the same time, not "spending" too much for lost planes, repairs, refilling the ammunitions etc.

In GF a non-paying player could expect to have a tie or just a little bit better in the balance SL earned vs spent.

WT GF is unfortunately a quite stupid game made for paying players, point. If you like planes and prefer them to tanks, consider yourself lucky.

At least until Tier IV, WT is to date really enjoyable even for non-paying players , although paying players have several advantages such as Premium planes and quickly obtaining plane improvements and crew skills by buying them.

Although usually Premium planes are not so superior to regular planes with a few exception such as the American XP, quite OP, i.

Is War Thunder a Pay-to-Win game? From Tier I to Tier III a good enough player, having experienced enough crews and spaded planes, can fight with chance of success even paying players and can quite easily earn points and SL needed to buy planes, repair them and improve crews skill.

Being a demented game disrespectful of personal skill, it highly respects money paid to quickly improve crews and tanks. You could better understand why by reading my Ground Battles guide.

And another obstacle for non-paying gamers from Tier IV on is the increasingly cost of repairs, making very difficult to compensate with good battle performance and resulting incomes.

The more direct way to become a paying player is buying a Premium account but this is just one of many possibilities.

My advice is to spent several months playing as non-pay, improving yourself and your planes and crews for free albeit slowly , and just after that consider if it's worthwhile to become a paying player Premium or not.

Please take note: you could be a paying player without being a Premium player. So, which are the benefits of being a Premium player?

As many other things, Gaijin periodically changes game mechanisms giving us just the bare minimum information. So the average speed of leveling in all three modes is approximately equal.

More than this, there is just 4 decals slots instead of 2 slots the default , a mere aesthetic gratification but that can give further money to Gaijin from pay decals!

Being happy for their performances, those gamers are more likely tempted to pay other money for things such as Premium vehicles, camouflages, decals, maxing out crews etc.

In other words, WT is a game that succeeded in effectively hide its P2W nature. Some players say that becoming Premium is not worthwhile because it just gives some advantages more virtual money earned at any battle and Premium vehicles are usually not superior to regular ones.

But if the players badly spend those points and virtual money e. Again, if the Premium player is so silly to disregard this advantage, not assigning promptly those points or assigning them to the least useful parameters, it would waste large part of the advantage.

So this is another big advantage of being a Premium player, because getting more SL means that he can also more easily increase crew skill and this adds to the benefit of getting double XP points.

Is being a Premium player the only way to take advantage of paying? In fact, there are useful and effective features that you could buy even without being Premium , such as crews experience , likely the most relevant feature in game along with vehicle spading.

The huge advantage in using money in WT is increasing crews skill and doing that in a smart way starting on the most important skill parameters.

Such a thing happened with patch 1. So, even non-paying players are very important for Gaijin : they make the game not to die, promote WT, fill the teams in battles and, being often newbies or at least not veterans at all, are an easy and tasty meal i.

One of the most frequent questions is "which nation in WT has the best planes for beginners? Although I think that the importance of that is quite overrated, there are much more important things to know when being a newbie!

Best nations at low tiers:. Likely the easiest to fly too, on the average. You can't get really wrong with Russians. Some planes, such as F2A-3, are amongst the best at these tiers, dangerous even for upper tiers enemies.

Good nations at low tiers:. BF E and F when well flown. Old players can still have good Italian planes in their German tree, such as C. Beauforts, Blenheims and Sunderlands are quite effective in bombing.

There are enough good planes to choose British, but learn to use their guns, a little bit more quirky than the first three nations in my rank.

This is well represented by Re. Breda MGs are a generally weak spot in the whole low-tiers Italian tree, apart a few surprising cases such as Ba.

Amongst reserve planes, no doubt Ba. All in all, Italians badly need to be fully spaded to exploit their good characteristics when they have them but some of them are really bad even when spaded.

One example is S. In fact, all Italian low-tiers bombers are pitiful in game, especially about lack of sturdiness.

In fact, at present Italy at lower Tiers is the weakest nation. It was a good enough nation at low tiers even with planes in German tree until Gaijin, unfortunatey , badly nerfed Bredas.

The only acceptable BR level is maybe under 1. If you fly Japanese planes you have to understand that, unless you are Saburo Sakai, you'll be disadvantaged.

But having good performance with the weakest planes and it's possible to do anyhow is a reason for being proud!

Still unknown level nation at low tiers: 7 France : the Dewoitine reserve fighters D. So-so guns much better when spaded but with a limited ammo which usually end just when you would need it.

If well used in dogfight they could be very effective but, all in all, their Russian Reserve counterparts I are much better. The more advanced D. My strong advice is: play all nations, know all nations, have fun with all nations and just after that decide if you have one or two favourite nation, if any.

This also because the assignment of a certain BR level to a plane is essential for Matchmaking and an flying an over performing or underperforming plane for that level can make a whole world of difference.

Any player has his own opinions about that, often linked to personal fighting style that induces to have preference for some planes and to hate others.

In the next section you find some opinions of mine about a few of them, just to make you thinking and making considerations.

There would be a lot more planes to speak about, too many really, so I prefer to talk just about a few of them. Bad Planes. This is a list of planes which, according to my personal experience and opinions of others too, I consider quite bad and sometimes really shitty , at least when used in AB Arcade.

Please note that the list is absolutely incomplete and judgements regard AB only and until Tier IV included i.

Listed BR are those set by Gaijin at the moment I wrote these notes, always check them because they could have been revised. Being P2W means that the effectiveness of a vehicle, e.

On the contrary, all the other players … has to suffer! The planes in this list are the ones I consider bad even when all modifications have been applied.

It has just four 7. Maybe its BR is due to the fact it can act as a bomber too but, being me quite uninterested in bombing, I dislike anything in that plane.

My only doubt is how much very experienced crews i. I stopped flying them where I realized that they are unable to fully exploit their speed in the small AB maps and a few bullets are damaging enough to make them flying as a brick In other words, any time I have a chance to open fire towards a Typhoon I do: just a few hits could make it crashing.

For once, its description in WT Wiki s correct. Bad defensive firepower, slow, sluggish, no armour. Apart a very good bomb load, it has nothing else remarkable, being in fact almost as bad as S.

This also because the dorsal gunner is so easily killed that the plane is usually defenceless after 30 or 40 seconds the first encounter with an enemy.

I have to talk about another poor Italian bomber. Encounter a Lagg-3, a Bf or an A and you are dead at first sight. What a shame!

Using it as an heavy fighter means to be easily killed, even by other much nimbler attackers such as Su Using it as an attacker means having to bomb without a bomb sight!

On the contrary, Ba. Giving it a BR 1. If yes, this is one of your best choices! You could use it in game to fully understand why … to be continued … Good Planes.

If you think that U. I think you should be surprised by its effectiveness. In fact, it has a quite impressive offensive armament for its BR 2x From BR 2.

In AB the player can be drawn in one of the following battle modes, each one having its specific rules.

Ground Strike : the goal is to destroy ground targets armoured cars, tanks, AAA etc. It once was a quite balanced game mode, where both bombers and fighters were important, then Gaijin decided to favour bombers and, at least to win the battle, now bombers and attackers are more important than fighters.

Destroying ground targets rewards a lot, then destroying aircrafts and, quite less, bombing bases. Domination : the goal is conquering one, two or three airfields depending on the specific map , landing on them and then preventing enemies to land.

At the same time, points are scored destroying air and ground targets. Bombers can be used both for ground pounding and to capture airfields. Since just one!

However, many Air Domination fights end just because one team destroy all the enemy planes, without achieving a constant capture.

There are no ground targets, so bombers are practically useless. The usual happening in such a battle is a huge stupid furball near the ground, where killing or being killed is much more a matter of luck than of skill.

Near the end of the battle, the most of players climb to the zone trying to capture it. Its rules are so stupid and unrealistic that it raised harsh and widespread criticism since the day it has been introduced into the game.

Battle scores are displayed after any battle, for both teams, and your position in battle rank depends on your performance kills, kill assists, ground units destroyed, being in the best squad, killing planes of higher rank, being the best killer in the battle etc.

You can see some values given during the battle and for some rewards e. Moreover, these kind of things could easily be changed by Gaijin patch after patch, so it's not easy to keep track of them.

A true newbie usually ends in the lower part of the rank, often without having any kill. As his skill and planes performance and crews skill improves, he'll progress toward the upper part of the rank.

A medium level player should get kills, reaching position about 6th-7th in rank, when playing good performing planes he knows well. For a beginner is common to have just a couple of kills and an average position in rank about 10thth on 16 players in team.

Moreover, and much more serious, now bombers and attackers are greatly advantaged in score respect to fighters , so you'll easily find final ranks where the first players in both teams are bombers pilots who dropped a lot of bombs but without a single kill.

At the moment game winners are the "spacebar heroes" so you can say farewell to fair skill recognition in battle ranks.

For example, in one battle I had five kills, score: One of my comrades had just 1 kills and 1 assist and 8 ground targets destroyed, score: , just a little bit lower.

In the same battle, an enemy with 1 kill, 2 assists and 14 GT earned a score of , higher than mine. In another battle the best player in my team had 6 kills and 4 assist, I had 5 kills and 1 assist.

And another player, with just two kills, one assist and five ground units scored just points less than me. Until 1. And this, more or less, happened to any WT AB fighter pilot.

Am I saying that bombing requires no skill? And I know that having fought as a bomber pilots: low skill needed, a bore for me.

Bomber pilots have been advantaged in 1. There was no need to give them also advantage 4, having all the other benefits to technically balance battles with fighters and having bomber gunners as much lethal as ever, if not even more.

Shooting down enemy aircrafts, which is the most difficult achievement in Air Battles, is now very poorly rewarded in comparison to bombing.

Before 1. After 1. In other words, it's sure that after 1. Be ready to know that your score and point earnings are heavily dependent on your choices in the battle and that being of great benefit to your team doesn't necessarily mean you'll be well rewarded.

For example, if you decide to ride a bomber killer such as Hurricane Mk. IV , climb at the beginning to go intercepting bombers and go on that way during the whole battle, even if you managed to shot down three or four bombers, possibly preventing the enemies to win the battle, at the end you'll likely find that some comrade, killing seven or eight fighters into the melee, had reached a much higher score and reward whereas you finished at middle or bottom rank!

And this in part is because score calculation favours fighting into the melee in itself "battle activity" and in part because fighting where the most of the action is allows much more opportunities to make kills.

You could put your tank in a good place on a hill, preventing enemies to move just for the strategic position you choose and effectively defending a capture point or covering your comrades attacking the point and, even shooting a few and killing less, you could be more decisive for the victory than many others in your teams.

But at the end of the battle they will be fourth, sixth or eighth in rank and you will be fourteenth or fifteenth, with few hits and a low!

Similarly, if you warn your comrades in chat to move to another area, defend or attack points or airfields, be aware of enemies coming etc.

Anyhow, even if players have in-battle chat to coordinate their actions, is quite uncommon that they are really able and especially want!

Similar to clans and guilds in other online games or MMOs, squadrons offer co-operative gameplay to teamplay oriented players, e.

Creating a squadron and doing some kind of improvement on it costs a certain amount of Golden Eagles and the best squadrons are made up of very expert players, a lot of them Level , payers and Premium.

On the other hand, "every month, the three highest rated squadrons in Arcade and Realistic Battles are rewarded, depending on their rank, with A player can send to a squadron a membership application, which could be accepted or rejected.

Please remember that there are a lot of reasons to think that Gaijin favours squadron players fighting together , as you can easily see looking at how many unbalanced battles are set up, with three or four players of the same squadron just in one team, the other being composed by solo-players and almost always losing at the end of the battle.

This is a typical example of such a battle, that was quite quickly won by my team, in part for some mistakes of the red team such as not defending any of their bases but all in all they had no hope to win against a full four-players squadron all Level !

However, many other players like that. This is terribly true in Ground Forces, beyond any imagination, but is largely true even in Air Forces.

Why worry about stats when your performance is heavily dependent by the fact you are flying a Yak 1 or a KiII hei, just 0. Why worry when you can easily see that if you fly spaded planes and crews beyond level 30 in experience you can easily have a performance three times better than with half-spaded planes and crews around level 20?

And why worrying about stats instead of worrying about having fun , even when this means to fly weak crews in weak planes? A really childish behaviour.

Stats are determined by a lot of things, not just or particularly by personal skill. For example, this is what a good and experienced player wrote on WT Forum: "Yesterday I got really smoked by an enemy player.

It was pretty embarrassing, and so, after the match, I had a look at this person's stats. So this guy flies exclusively the best twelve planes and gets thousands of kills in each one ".

Have you acknowledged the message? Beware: as in many other thing, even in their own stats Gaijin is able to do mistakes and present wrong data! How they could fabricate that index?

It could be a silly bug in their mass-calculation stat system, I suppose. And I wonder how many other not-so-evident bug are in their application.

Are you surprised by that? They are right: using just stats to determine skill of a player is simply stupid.

Really, nobody knows how that idiocy works but almost nobody care about it. On the contrary, using just strong planes will raise your stats.

And if you want to reach this state as soon as possible, you should really pay for that spaded planes and experienced crews. Of course, having a good innate skill is crucial to have good stats but you could have that skill and nevertheless you will obtain so-so stats or even bad stats if you fight with weak planes and crews.

You can answer for yourself. Ok, understood: stats are just in part related to skill. However, of all stats, which are the most significant?

This in my opinion is much more significant than WR Win Rate i. On the contrary, if well implemented the average relative position in team can tell to the player if he is doing well or bad respect to the others , since on average in the long-term he should be drawn in teams with comrades of equally distributed skill, so on average his relative position is significant respect to the whole multitude of WT gamers or, at least, to comrade players.

But … wait! How can it be possible if not by their skill? In other words, according to that opinion an above average player could be not just decisive for team victory but it could do that on average, i.

So, blame yourself if you have a less-than-average i. This is a very superficial i. WRONG argument. Of course, a very good player should always have a much better ARPT average relative player position in his team than a bad or average player.

Now, please, pay attention! You could think at this as the best players being more frequently packed together in the same team, opposed by a team of weak players, or players that Gaijin however wants to make them win being more frequently drawn in a stronger team facing a weaker team.

Say it in the way you want, use the variant you prefer, but the gist of this issue is that teams are not drawn randomly, some players are more frequently drawn in good team and others in bad teams.

Since even a single exceptional player can win a battle just by his own skill , it also means that he will win being not opposed by similar players for the most of times the most of battles he will fight.

And stats prove that! Any player will be drawn, at any battle, in one members team or into the other. All this based on the hypothesis that teams are drawn randomly!

It proves that there is another common factor the true one! It was such an incredibly catastrophic streak For sure, French low-tier tanks are ridiculous weak tin-cans but in those battles I saw a lot of these weak tanks even in red teams.

But there is no reason why my teams, if randomly drawn, should have lost Are you still surprised by that? In other words, is it possible to discover how WT inner mechanisms work just observing data Gaijin allows us to know?

For example, is it possible to determine if MM do a fair job or not, collecting statistical data of the composition of teams in battles? Gaijin is not only tight-lipped about many features in game but gives just a part of data and sometimes it impedes even to easily get those that are shown.

For example, on the final battle rank is no more possible to know vehicles used by players and they BR a feature that existed but incomprehensibly, or maybe understandably!

You can know them just during the battle, not after that, so complicating any statistical research. We can just try to do our best.

So, the usual counter-argument to complaints, i. It could exists even for other happenings and even in AF , for example for shot accuracy, bomb damage or vehicle chance to catch fire.

In practice, if RNG exists it could be used for anything in WT mechanic , especially for shot effectiveness but not only.

In fact, it could be easily tweaked and used to advantage or disadvantage players too , if Gaijin would do that.

They ask interlocutors to give evidence of their statements, but are prepared to use a rebuttal argument without having any proof of that.

Just to say how much intellectual honesty have them usually. This is exactly what I did. A beginner in WT is gratified by a grace period , i.

Do you think I'm saying too much uncertain statements? You are right. So, nobody knows exactly how it works, how long it lasts and why it ends.

Roughly speaking, it seems that the beginners' grace period lasts at most a couple dozens of battle maybe just one dozen and ends after that number or after the player has unlocked a BR 1.

But, remember: nobody really knows it, these are just guesses albeit plausible done by players on WT Forum!

However, as a true beginner you'll enjoy of a short, happy period, when fighting will be easier and you shouldn't constantly be cannon fodder.

Although it's not clear how Gaijin set-up things to allow that: careful choice of your opponents quite unskilled, other beginners, no "aces"?

Temporary modifications in improved strength of your crews? Changes in Random Number Generator? Nobody knows for certain.

It seems that something similar do exists in World of Warplanes and World of Tanks. And it's for sure a good idea, to permit players a "soft" induction to game, while the newbie has to learn to play.

So, a warning : after a very limited number of relatively easy battles a beginner suddenly has to face much more tough fights. While this kind of "grace period" is quite known amongst players, in my opinion there is another one the same undeclared too.

When I resumed I expected to do very poorly, being out of form. On the contrary, I started having right away a performance markedly better than when I previously left the game!

And this lasted at least a couple of weeks, probably battles, before settling more or less on my previous standard.

The same, even less marked, happened when I returned to Ground Forces after just a few weeks stop. When I went back I immediately did very well for the first four or five battles, much better than my previous average and with surprising streaks of "One Shots".

Soon after, my performance returned to the previous mediocrity, with the same typical pathetic idiocy of WT GF decisive crews vitality etc.

So it really seems to me that it should exists an " assisted path for returning player ", to please them and encourage them to restart gaming. The most interesting implication of " grace periods " even more for the " assisted path for returning player " is that they, if really exist and I have very few doubts they do , demonstrate that players' battle results, at least on average, can be effectively controlled and induced by Gaijin.

Obvious, this has HUGE implications on how we should look at this game. So is important to lose as few expensive planes as you can.

But in practice there are no problems until you start using Tier IV i. Rank IV planes, some of them being really expensive.

At least until Tier III any average pilot, having just satisfactory performances, should't worry really much of the expenses given by plane repairs.

An often given advice is to deactivate automatic plane repairs, because an unused plane is repaired by the system itself, usually within some hours or some days depending on plane type and Tier, without spending any SL.

You could do that and change planes, waiting for the "free" repair before coming back to the damaged plane.

I don't support that advice , at least below Tier IV : it forces you to a clumsy behaviour , plane change for "economic" reasons, without any pressing economic reason!

In fact, any average and even beginner pilot shouldn't have any SL shortage playing until Tier III at least , so no reason to use a feature that dictates a plane change even for just some dozens of minutes.

If you are in a serious shortage of SL playing in the first three Tiers, you are doing something really wrong. When you go up in Tiers, planes become much more expensive sometimes in a crazy way so playing at Tier IV and above any trick good for saving SL is welcomed, including to deactivate automatic plane repair.

Of course you can start doing that from the beginning, even in Tier I, but there is no compelling reason. Beyond Tier III, on the contrary, it can be useful.

If you are forced to change planes because of repair, I suggest you to put it to use changing nation for a while too, since playing all nations is useful both for your skill, your crews and, I suppose, also for your fun.

If you want to have high scores in AB, you have to be ready to be killed several times in a battle, notwithstanding the opposite opinions you can find on the Forum.

On the contrary, being too much scared by "death" and trying not to "die" as an imperative goal is counter-productive. In AB it's better more score, more RP, more lions, better battle ranking to kill three times losing four planes than killing one without losing any plane.

This is true until Tier III and start changing just at Tier IV and above, where repair costs became often astronomical and not rationally justifiable.

Often, reading those tips, it seems that learning tactics and ACMs Aerial Combat Manoeuvres is the first thing a beginner should do.

Some tactics, such as Boom-and-Zoom, are hard for a beginner and not much rewarding in Arcade Battle, as one can easily check viewing the most successful players in battle replays.

A beginner should not think he has to immediately learn specific tactics apart following this factual consideration: at least in the first three tiers, the most successful AB players speaking about those using fighters usually traverse the map at medium-low altitude, crossing the furball in search of unaware enemies, shot down them and change area, keeping high plane energy and speed and always trying not to attract too much attention on themselves.

Anyone can check that viewing battle replays. In AB you even see people do the 'wrong' thing with planes and still do well.

As long as your skills are good, and you understand the limitations of your planes and their adversaries you will be fine. For example you can do a turn or two in something like a P47 and as long as you managed your energy before that point you can probably still escape at worst.

Both of these things do not utilise the planes maximum potential but they can work. Altitude is important but it's not the Holy Grail in Arcade Battles, especially in the first three Tiers, neither is BnZ Boom and Zoom , just always try to preserve speed and energy.

How to reach high speed? It should be used often in AB. Second, diving and so exchanging altitude for speed. If you have to dive, of course you need some altitude but in AB climbing really high is neither necessary nor convenient.

Just climb enough to have a good view of battle zone and gain some energy to trade for speed when needed. How to preserve high speed? Avoiding abrupt manoeuvers, such as too tight turns, or silly moves such as dangerously climbing in a zone in presence of enemies or using too few engine power or … forgetting flaps extended!

As expected, nobody clearly and thoroughly told him the truth, i. Just someone gave him some good albeit very partial advice, the others scholarly talked at length about dive angles, altitude, kind of ammo and better planes for BnZ.

All things useful, if any, for a more experienced player but almost useless or, worse, damaging for a beginner. So I gave up, even to avoid worsening things, since it was clear to me that the newbie had grown quite strong, although wrong!

Time and experience will teach him a lot, if he has enough perspicuity. If not, any good advice would have been wasted anyway. On WT Forum and on YouTube you can find a lot of advices and videos about combat manoeuvers and tactics.

A beginner should check them but has to understand that the most of these players are long-time experts that perfectly ride their fully spaded planes and put on video just their successful manoeuvers, not the wrongly executed ones!

My personal opinion is that the usefulness of those video tutorials is quite overrated , even the best ones, especially for a beginner although they are usually addressed precisely to newbies!

And you should follow tutorials explaining really useful things , generally more useful than ACMs, such as deflection shooting and guns convergence.

So, a beginner having blind and unconditional faith in those videos could easily choose bad tactics and useless , if not bad and dangerous , manoeuvres.

Luckily, some times after that things slightly changed in better. Basically, in WT you can fly off-line in these ways:. Good just to get practice with a new plane flying, taking off, landing, shooting tests etc.

More interesting is using the Mission Editor in Test Flights to set up a battle against enemy bot planes i. Unfortunately:1 WT AI is very poor, so not much challenging 2 Flying Model of planes seems to be somewhat different from FM you have online, so further lessening the usefulness of these battles.

You used to be able to set up a battle just against slow, dumb and harmless bot planes, usually biplanes, chosen by the game itself.

They were fully useless for self-training, being both the planes and the AI enemies too much weak. After that, Gaijin really surprised and pleased me and started to allow to select bots plane rank.

That way you can select AI enemies flying planes there are stronger than yours, belonging to upper Tiers, and this in little part compensates the low skill of AI pilots which in addition improved a little, maybe.

No comparison with a real battle against human players but now with a little challenge at least. Since Custom Battles have been thought to be played mainly by human players, if you want to create a full-bots fight apart you set it up with a difficult password so no human on-line can join the battle.

They also rely on WT AI vehicles planes and sometime ground units , with the above mentioned shortcomings. Some of them are fun and sometimes quite difficult to successfully complete e.

Likely the only off-line missions that can be of some usefulness. I rarely found some of them being really compelling. Anyway, kudos to Gajin for having improved Custom Battles at least, notwithstanding they usually shown a clear and understandable lack of interest for off-line.

So my advice to newbies is: briefly try off-line, especially Custom Battles and Single Missions, and then go on-line as soon as possible. Direct knowledge is always much better than believing to people saying things just because … they believed to others!

This is not strange at all, on the contrary is quite obvious , because of ground targets in Ground Strike battles and airfields in Domination battles airfield capture battles.

Gaijin likely invented the new Air Domination battle also to induce players to stay high but its mechanics and rules are so silly that almost nobody worries about staying high until the last minutes in the battle, when the survivors try to cap the air zone.

There are other reasons why so many players fly at low altitude:. On the contrary, when flying at low level is much more easy to blend into the crowd, both for the crowded area itself, for the terrain and in some maps for the mountains.

And many of the most successful fighter pilots in AB are players that attract little attention on themselves.

Then Boom-and-Zoom! The really important thing in AB is to keep your speed high enough and this can be done even without climbing obsessively.

If you fly a bomber , tactics are obviously different and one of them is staying so high to discourage enemy fighters. Sometimes it works, other times not.

Staying really high requires very good precision in bombing, so other bomber players prefer to make dive attacks even with medium bombers e. B , using their speed when trying to put on enemy bases or ground targets a full load of bombs before being intercepted by enemy fighters.

In AB air battles you have to fight quite aggressively which doesn't mean being thoughtless! For example it's usually better to shoot even without being in the better position than losing time trying to have the "perfect" positions.

Many good kills are made "by instinct", especially when you are into the furball. Be aggressive and don't be too much afraid to "die": take your risks when opportune.

Planes in AB are "expendable" and the best way to maximize their use is by taking risks to get an high score and many points. On the contrary, bomber pilots can choose if to be aggressive e.

FYI, the matter is much muddier in AB ground battles. With tanks is more a matter of hiding, perseverance and patience that's why tanks battles are much more boring, I suppose But you also have to take in account that in tank domination battles capturing zones before the enemy is of great importance and you have to "aggressively" throw yourself along with comrades to the conquest.

So a part of pugnacity and risk-taking is needed with tanks too. But here we are dealing just with AB Air battles so I'll stop immediately the off-topic!

Fly around and above the furball to locate easier targets and take less risks. In Ground Strike and any other kind of Air Battle the fight is almost invariably split in several groups of planes trying to shoot down each other or destroying ground targets whereas in Air Domination there is usually one big main furious battle near the ground, i.

Since in Air Domination there are no ground targets, anyone go against other planes and since AD rules are so stupid almost anyone waits for the last five minutes for trying to cap the air zone since bombers are irrelevant, AD are at present the only battles that can last even twenty minutes!

One could avoid that furball but, as usual, this would mean to have much less chances to kill enemies so the most players go there.

But this makes the fight depending primarily on luck, because when you are in a small area filled by a dozen enemies you can do almost nothing to defend yourself apart keeping your fingers crossed.

Contrary to the statement of some, Air Domination is the less skill-rewarding kind of battle because being killed or not is much more a matter of luck than of skill.

I consider AD one of the few features in Air Forces almost as stupid as the endless series of idiocies you can easily find in Ground Forces. In all the other type of AF battles, small furballs arise and finish continuously and action is much more varied, interesting, less boring and based on skill much more than on luck.

This is an interesting question: when is the best time to enter the battle? You can wait for some time before throwing yourself into the fight.

It is better to start at once or to wait for some time? In general, and especially before 1. While you are trying to identify a target, the best amongst them could kill you at the first shot.

After some seconds you are waiting, a 30 sec countdown automatically starts but you can restart it just by changing vehicle selection, so you can really delay your entering in the battle at your will.

And while waiting the convenient amount of time, you can check the in-battle statistics table to look at enemy team composition, trying to understand if you should look after bombers or fighters.

Of course, you could enter immediately in the battle AND wait some time, moving to a quiet area near the border on the map and, better, climbing a little before going back toward the centre of the fight.

A more subtle variant to trick your enemy into a stall, this technique is named after a technique Muhammad Ali used, in which he lay back on the ropes of a boxing ring and let his opponent hit him for almost an hour, letting the ropes absorb most of the energy of the hits and tiring out his opponent. War Thunder is an inveterate Pay-to-Win game, that allow you to rise from the “cannon fodder” level just to put you in front of an insurmountable wall at higher Tiers. If you don’t PAY you are practically forced to stay at lower Tiers or to deplete your whole SL patrimony at higher Tiers (so . War Thunder is a 3D World War II shooter game where players take part in large scale battles in the air and on the ground. It was developed by Gaijin Entertainment, who has made combat flight simulators, racing games, and hack-and-slash action games. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Use common sense and understand that you're an important part of the team. Failure is the greatest teacher of them all. Posted October 7, edited. On some tanks you Quizsendungen Liste have 3 crew in Paypal Bankkonto Hinzufügen Obwohl Vorhanden straight line from the front, know when you've got one of those and try to hide that side of the tank or you can lose a lot of crew with one shot. Topping the leaderboards of War Thunder’s air battles is no mean feat. The skies are full of virtual Red Barons who are seemingly impossible to keep up with and even harder to escape. The CR Falco fighter can rightly be considered one of the best biplanes of World War II. The G Freccia was the first Italian all-metal monoplane fighter. The range of the Mitsubishi G4M1 was colossal at about km. Guides» War Thunder - Basic Tank Tips and Tricks Written by Paleo Jake / Aug 1, This guide is a collection of basic tips and tricks to make your tank experience more enjoyable. War Thunder’s upcoming Knights of the Sea mode looks set to give naval warfare its proper place in the triumvirate of battlegrounds most commonly referred to as land, sea and air. War Thunder - Basic Aircraft Tips and Tricks Written by Paleo Jake / Aug 1, This guide is intended to help you become a better pilot, and hopefully decrease the odds of you crashing into the ground.

War Thunder Tipps - Schnäppchen

Die meisten Tipps sind bekannt und ich versuche sie auch umzusetzen. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Save your ammos and position to choose another target. There are a lot. But a caveat is needed here: in single-seat planes, XP point assigned to Seventy Seven Online are obviously useless! Not just for what you are probably thinking. There are a few tactics to defend from spawn campers, essentially the first thing to do Red Dead Redemption Poker Betrügen to run away immediately from these dishonest players even if this leave Solitär Ohne Werbung Kostenlos your team's bombers, Torwart Duden usual route is bottlenecked Poker Star.De spawn campers. Even then, after several dozens of battle fought with the Italians and Italian crews level aboutthe outcome was the same: fighting with German crews, at level 20 or 30, was much more effective than with Italians. Anyhow, even if players have in-battle War Thunder Tipps to coordinate their actions, is quite uncommon Energie Cottbus Gegen Bayern they are really able and especially want! Whereas with Italians I quite constantly had mediocre results from 6 th Nba Tips to 12 th in team, usually around10 thjust a few kills and more assists than kills, with Germans my final positions were from 2 nd Platipus 5 th! GF is a fully unfair and money-dependent game, whereas AF is, luckily, really unfair and money-dependent just at higher tiers. This in my opinion is much more significant than WR Win Rate i. There are many complaints about game mechanics and battle rules, too. Es ist gar nicht so leicht in War Thunder erfolgreicher Panzer-Fahrer zu werden. Wir haben die besten Tipps für das Spiel zusammengestellt. War Thunder: Profitipps zu Flugzeugen, Waffen, Taktiken und mehr. Motoren auf Kampflast! Wer der Arcade-Schlachten in War Thunder. War Thunder: Flugzeug-MMO in der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Beinhaltet Flugzeuge aus Deutschland, der UdSSR, England, Japan und den USA. Kämpfe​. War Thunder Kurztipps und Einstiegshilfen: Einsteiger-Tipps: Jagdflugzeuge, Zerstören von Schiffen mit Bomben, War Thunder effizient spielen, Als Jäger.
War Thunder Tipps


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